Creativity and technology shape
new materials

Marmi Orobici Graniti presents five new surface processing, created by the great inspiration of our designers and realized thanks to the technological innovation of our production plant.

ONDA, LINO, JUNGLE, BAMBOO and RUGIADA added to the classic finishes honed, brushed and polished enrich the natural stone claddings with new design projects.


ONDA finishing is realized through a process that uses the most advanced technologies available. The slab appears shaped by a soft breeze that ripples the surface, transforming the extraordinary material into a three-dimensional sculptural work.


In the LINO finishing slabs the texture of an irregular fabric seems to overlap the stone creating the illusion of transparency.
The irregular shape of the lines creates a tactile, suggestive and natural effect, that animates each slab with vibrant emotions.


Be surprised by the animalier effect of our JUNGLE slabs! Glamour and chic meet marble textures generating a synergy of forces that leaves you breathless.
Classic meets contemporary creating a new and iconic material.


Our research and development department created the magical BAMBOO finishing by carving the slab to give it a third dimension. The alternation of full and empty spaces creates a tactile and rigorous texture, complementary to the natural pattern of the material.


The magic of a fresh morning meets the most precious material. Our new RUGIADA finishing adds a veil of magic and makes every material mysterious and suggestive.
The possibility to alternate on the same material this particular finishing with a classic one will create an effect that is surprising and delicate at the same time. RUGIADA finish is not only aesthetic, it makes every material non-slip, making an infinity of applications possible that were previously unimaginable.