Discover exclusivity: new entry Marble Blue de Savoie!

Elegance and durability

We are pleased to announce that the prestigious Blue De Savoie marble is now available for purchase! This extraordinary material, from the deep quarries of the French Alps, embodies the very essence of beauty and elegance.


April 22th to 25th, 2024 – Booth 1545

We’re glad to announce you that, also this year, Marmi Orobici Graniti will attend Coverings in Orlando, Florida.

Xiamen Stone Fair 2024

March 16th to 19th, 2024 – Booth A4311

From the 16th to the 19th of March, come and visit us at Xiamen Stone Fair 2024 at stand A4311: we’ll be there waiting!

Marmi Orobici at Marmomac 2023

Sept. 26-29, 2023 - Veronafiere stand D2 - hall 9

From the 26th to the 29th of September, come and visit us at Veronafiere at stand D2, hall 9: we’ll be there waiting!


April 18-21, 2023 - Orlando, FL

We’re glad to announce you that, also this year, Marmi Orobici Graniti will attend Coverings in in Orlando, Florida. Visit our Booth 2678!

Marmi Orobici at Marmomac 2022

Sept. 27-30, 2022 - Veronafiere stand D2 - hall 9

From the 27th to the 30th of September, come and visit us at Veronafiere at stand D2, hall 9: we’ll be there waiting!


April 5-8, 2022 - Las Vegas

We’re glad to announce you that, also this year, Marmi Orobici Graniti will attend Coverings in Las Vegas. Visit our Booth N1345!

Calacatta Viola

The Italian seduction!

Italian marble with sumptuous purple veins. The depth of its intriguing color it’s perfect for a project full of character!

Calacatta Apuano

Shine bright like a Marble!

A precious and exclusive italian white marble extracted from the Apuan Alps. Thanks to its special brightness, takes every project from ordinary to extraordinary!

Calacatta Maximum

Get the Maximum!

This gorgeous Brazilian dolomite characterized by a white background with grey veins is in its simplicity the ultimate elegance!


Aria do Brasil

A breath of fresh air! This beautiful brazilian quartzite encloses in its ethereal structure a timeless elengance.

Tempest Blue

A flash of genius!

A refined and irreverent quartzite. The white veins light up the blue background making this material the perfect choice for a dynamic and impactful project.

Onice Avorio

The jewel of Persia!

The jewel of Persia! A precious and elegant onyx from the quarries of the ancient Persia. Its uniform texture lets light pass through, making this material a real jewel for backlighted projects!


The sumptuosity of marble!

A red beating heart! Magnificent marble with dark background and red large veinings, crossed by linear white flakes. The perfect choice for a solemn project!

Karma White

When lines and soft tones meet!

A natural excellence! Smooth diagonal veins to give any environement balance and harmony. This perfect brazilian quartzite is the missing piece of a memorable project!

Calacatta Corchia

The bright light of natural marble!

The heart of italian mountains hides a treasure painted in white and grey! This marble enlights any ambient, decorating rooms with its fancy yet elegant pattern.

Onice Velluto

Precious and crystalline: for artistical and unique projects!

A dreamy material! The light green of its background blends perfectly with the blue veins, creating a fascinating and elegant design.


A triumph of style!

The natural stone superpower! Dark grey overlaps light grey in a beautiful game of ton-sur-ton.. elegance at hand!

Crystal Tiffany

An exotic green treasure!

Brazil is home to one of the most breathtaking quartzite! Green is the master in this material, while brown and white draw elegant yet dramatic lines and veins. The perfect natural stone for a project with a strong personality!


Get the Marmi Orobici look!

Live your life to its #maximum with the most elegant of the dolomites! Don’t miss a visit to our showroom to discover the new area setted up with this airy material: its natural lightness will make every room shine!

Arabescato Orobico Rosso

The beating heart of Marmi Orobici!

In Marmi Orobici everything started with Arabescato Orobico! Its red variety represents the passion of our company! Its ornamental beauty is perfectly enhanced when bookmatch. Every environements will be enriched and sophisticated by this stunning natural stone. Arabescato Orobico Rosso bathroom Arabescato Orobico Rosso stairs

Oyster White

The pearl of Africa!

A rare beauty hidden in the sand! Sinuous shapes, elegance and lightness characterize this milky marble crossed by soft shades of dark and light grey. Check out some stunning installation and be ready to light up every room! Oyster White bathroom Oyster White table

Bianco Carrara

The bright side of italian mable!

The marble that needs no introduction! Quarried in Tuscany, the crandle of white marbles, is one of the most versatile and timeless material! With a white background crossed by light grey veins it’s the perfect choice for classy projects with a fancy touch! Bianco Carrara bathroom Bianco Carrara wall


A wave of elegance and uniqueness!

Let’s discover one of the most iconic and requested material! A chic brazilian quartzite with white background crossed by fine grey veins: just like a pencil drawing on a blank paper! The perfect choice to enlight every environement. Aria table Aria sink