Aid Prospectus year 2021

With reference to Art. 1, Paragraph 125-bis, Law No. 124/2017, it should be noted that the Company has received, during the fiscal year covered by the financial statements for the year ended 12/31/2021, grants, subsidies, benefits, contributions or public aid in cash or in kind, not of a general nature, which have already been published within the Notes to the Financial Statements and are detailed in the following table.

Public benefits received
PayerCollected amountYear of collection/useCause
Italian State53.353,002021DL n. 41/2021 “Support Decree”
2021-art. 1
Italian State53.353,002021DL n. 73/2021 “Support Decree bis”
2021-art.1 commi da 1 a 3
Italian State11.175,002021DL n. 73/2021 “Support Decree bis”
2021-art.1 commi da 5 a 15
Italian State14.992,002021DL n. 73/2021 “Support Decree bis”
2021-art.1 commi 16-27

It should be noted that, following the provisions of the Legislature, only contributions received from the General Government should be reported on a cash basis, that is, showing the amounts actually received in the calendar year.

For the year 2021, “Wingstone S.p.A. (Sole Shareholder)” declares the existence of aid subject to mandatory publication in the National State Aid Register.

It should be noted that in the National Register of State Aid (RNA) received in 2021, the rebate of the 2019 IRAP balance in the amount of 3,836 euro is also included, with a grant date of 13/11/2021: the Company actually benefited from this “aid” during 2020, and therefore it is already listed under “aid” in the Notes to the Financial Statements for the year ended 12/31/2020.