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This beautiful brasilian quartzite has an ocher background with brown and purple shades and crystal veins: perfect to realize elegant yet dramatic decorations, both indoor and outdoor.
Dark-grey marble from northern Italy. The colour of this unique and attractive marble can vary from extra dark-grey to lighter grey. It may also present red, peach or gold veining throughout the slabs. The wild pattern of its veining makes it an outstanding material, creating beautiful suggestions, especially when slabs are installed book-matched. Thanks to its brilliance and shine, arabescato orobico is perfect for indoor use (flooring, walls, vanity tops, kitchen tops, stairs), but it can be perfectly suitable for outdoor installations too. Arabescato orobico is available in different types of finishing: polished, sandblasted, sandblasted brushed, leather finish and honed.
Patagonia is a brasilian quartzite with big white and pink crystals. Bold and unique, it is very appreciated for interior designs.
Beautiful african marble, characterized by a white grey background with soft shades of grey and green. This particular pattern and veining gives this marble a very stylish look, available in any finishing, is perfecty suitable to decorate with style any type of indoor as well as outdoor.
Beautiful brazilian quartzite. Characterized by a green background enriched by fine white and brown veins. Extremely elegant can be used to decorate indoor as well as outdoor environments.

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Bianco Rhino Calacatta

330 x 195 x 2 cm
Available quantity: 6 Bundles

Cristallo Fumé

295 x 165 x 2 cm
Available quantity: 4 Bundles

Pietra Grey

305 x 195 x 2 cm
Available quantity: 5 Bundles

Ocean Macaubas

340 x 200 x 2 cm
Available quantity: 4 Bundles


325 x 195 x 2 cm
Available quantity: 9 Bundles

Calacatta Green

285 x 180 x 2 cm
Available quantity: 4 Bundles

Calacatta Green

310 x 160 x 2 cm
Available quantity: 4 Bundles

Marmo Vaticano

320 x 200 x 2 cm
Available quantity: 3 Bundles

Arabescato Orobico

275 x 200 x 2 cm
Available quantity: 7 Bundles
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